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The List of India’s Top 3 Most famous female hindi poets

The List of India’s Top 3 Most famous female Hindi poets-

Top 3 Most famous female Hindi poets. Since forever, India has been a melting pot of (showing the ability to create interesting new things)people- writers, poets(Amazing Women Poets and Mens also), artists, sculptors, people(who make money from playing music), etc. who have shaped our history and culture.

Inthe performing area of poetry, it is easy enough to name men – from Rabindranath Tagore to Nissim Ezekiel to Sumitranandan Pant – who have added/have given to the wealth of Indian books, but most of us are left stumped at the hope of/future of naming female poets.

But India has been and is home to (more than two, but not a lot of) (very interesting) women too who have written/have housed beautiful poems that will enthral the most demanding of readers. Here is a list of Three :


1. Kamala Surayya

Kamala Surayya, also known by her pen names Madhavi Das and Kamala Das, was an English poetess and Malayalam author. Born in 1934 in Punnayurkulam in Kerala, she came to be liked and respected for her bold and honest treatment of women’s sexuality at a time when very few women had the courage to speak up about it. Some of her popular poetry books are Summer in Calcutta and The (children, grandchildren, etc.).

She Gets 1st position in our heart for Amazing Women Poets in India 





“Don’t write in English, they said, English is

Not your mother-tongue.Why not leave

Me alone, critics, friends, visiting cousins,

Every one of you? Why not let me speak in

Any language I like? The language I speak,

Becomes mine, its distortions, its queernesses

All mine, mine alone.” –  from An Introduction, Kamala Das.


2. Sarojini Naidu

She Gets 2nd position in our heart for Amazing Women Poets in India
Known as the ‘Nightingale Of India,’ Sarojini Naidu was a freedom-fighter, speaker, manager and poetess. Though she is equally well-known for leading many efforts for the freedom struggle, poetry remained her first passion. Encouraged by her father at a young age, her first work was a poem that was 1300 lines long. When this was presented to the then Nizam of Hyderabad, he was so impressed that she was soon off to study at King’s College on (a sum of money received to help pay for college) from the Nizam’s own school. Her works in English had a clearly Indian soul. She rose to recognition when her collection of poems, The Golden(dividing line/point where something begins or changes), was published in 1905. She followed this with two more collections – The Wizard Mask and A Treasury of Poems.



“The new hath come and now the old retires:

And so the past becomes a mountain-cell,
Where lone, apart, old hermit-memories dwell
In consecrated calm, forgotten yet
Of the keen heart that hastens to forget
Old longings in fulfilling new desires”- from Past and Future, Sarojini Naidu.


3. Mira Bai

She Gets 3rd position in our heart for Amazing Women Poets in India 

Mira Bai was a 16th century Hindu poet and a very loyal follower of Krishna. She is recognised as one of the most popular faces of the Bhakti movement in India. In her poems, she praises Krishna, who she thinks about/believes her husband and his many qualities. She was born in Pali in Rajasthan and was also known for her bold and fearless paying no attention to social customs and (keeping bad memories hidden)/mistreatments.




“I am mad with love

And no one understands my plight.

Only the wounded

Understand the agonies of the wounded,

When the fire rages in the heart.” – a translated version of I am mad with love, Mirabai


There is no comparison in all of those but select them with user reviews and popularity(Amazing Women Poets in India ).

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