why does child marriage happen

why does child marriage happen ||”Early marriage”– at the age 18

why does child marriage happen

Child Marriage: She is burgeoning with a life full of dreams.

She wakes up early to carry a heavy bag of books.

She top every year.

She knew to cook every tasty dishes.

In short, she is the all-rounder.

In an early morning, her mother came and Twitter her to the parlour.

And she spruces her with a beautiful red dress with bangles in her hand.

Even she doesn’t know the meaning of this “red” colour.

Guess what is going to happen?


Her marriage,

Yes, her marriage, at the age of 18 only.

When she gets to know about,

She starts to pulsate,

It’s pause to her life, to her independent life, to her dreams, everything…….

She cried, she whooped

But no one is there to listen to her.


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