“My pen & diary”

Best poem ever by Haversack Full of Thoughts

When my heart really wants to cry, a loud which only my ears want to listen

But my tears don’t cast off from my eyes.t he ones who know how bad I’m feeling right now are only my pen and dairy.

My hands don’t stop to write.c continuously I wanna write whatever my heart feels.

I am smiling outside, but these wet pages of my diary know, inside I am dying daily.

That pain in my heart always punches me.

Laid me down…….

A day without any hopes, A day without any happiness. And I just started counting the shining stars in the black sky.

Every time I messed up with my own thoughts, with own imaginations.

I want to go deep with them, but I always give up.

I don’t know what I am doing I wanna touch, I wanna feel, I wanna see, I wanna do but there is something which always pulls me back and says to me don’t sleep

Wake with these thoughts. A fear which makes my heart helpless, which make my heart to cry.

I stopped!



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