short skirts

“Ohhh Darling” – Short Skirts

“Oh Darling” – Short Skirts



She wears short skirts,

Maybe that’s why she gets raped

I think she should wear suit salwar then she will be safe.


Ohhh my god!

She wears suit salwar after that she gets raped,

I think she should wear “burkha”

Yes, then surely she will be safe.




Now she wear burkha,

Even after she gets raped

I think she should not take birth.


I and thousands of girls are confused.

What should we wear?

To be safe…

Have you ever heard?

A man who is shirtless,

Get raped,

Or who is in shorts,

Get raped…


No, I didn’t.


So, where is the problem?

In dressing or in thinking.


Come on darling,

Be a man

Not a devil.

—-POOJA SOROUT ( Short skirts…).


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